Endure 24, a 24 hour bike race
You have 24 hours.
How far will you go?
Do you have what it takes to crank your bike for 24 hours? How far will you go? Endure 24 is a 24 hour bike race in the making. Get on the list to be notified and get in on the action when we get rolling!
What is it all about? Endure 24 wants to bring you an endurance race that offers cyclists a challenge like no other. Spin, grind or mash your way around a 12 mile loop course for 24 hours. Amass the most miles and win great prizes as well as the satisfaction of besting some of the best and most determined cyclists around.

Not "in-it-to-win- it"? Come out and see just how far you can ride and support the cause. You'll feel good about doing good.

Not sure how to train? Want to join a team? Don't worry, we'll have training resources available and training rides on the actual course.

Event Divisions: Individual 24 hr Challenge, Individual 12 hr Competition, 2 person relay team (24 & 12 hrs), and 4 person relay team (24 & 12 hrs)
  You have 24 hours. WHAT CAN YOU ACHIEVE?